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2009 Rockweed Cutting Damage Photos

2009: Extensive cutting damage in Cobscook Bay, East Bay.
Uncut area at top of photo high on the ledge (yellow line) compare to damaged area lower on ledge. 9/10/09

2009: Photo 1: Rockweed harvest damage adjacent to undamaged rockweed bed in Photo 2. Rockweed density has been so reduced that the protective cover for the organisms below is gone, and the rock ledge is visible. Cobscook Bay, East Bay 9/10/09 2009: Photo 2: Healthy unharvested rockweed adjacent to site of Photo 1. The rockweed supplies a thick cover over the rock ledge, protecting the organisms below from heat, sun and drying. Cobscook Bay, East Bay 9/10/09

Rockweed Short Cuts

2009: Short cuts (<16”) in an area where rockweed was commercially cut. The black line is drawn on the white pipe at 16” height. This plant was not cut at the minimum legal requirement (state of Maine): 16” from the holdfast, or root-like structure. Cobscook Bay, Sipp Bay
2009: Commercially-cut rockweed: cut ends from a rockweed plant in the cut area. Short cuts less than 16” from holdfast. Cobscook Bay, 9/10/09




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